Domenica Restaurant

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Corey Thomas is a Louisiana native, born and raised in Monroe, a small town in northeast Louisiana. Corey’s journey began in Birmingham where he studied and began a career in biomedical research. After gaining a few years of experience, Corey went west to Denver to continue his career. Although Corey’s journey in the kitchen had not yet begun, he carried his love for Louisiana culture and cuisine that was part of his heritage everywhere he went.

In 2017, Corey transferred to Domenica to learn about Italian cuisine before traveling to Italy for his own wedding. He fell in love with the food and culture of Italy during his travels, and upon returning home made his transfer a permanent position at Domenica. Corey has committed himself to provide an excellence at Domenica through incredible Italian dishes and impeccable service. In early 2019, Corey was promoted to Executive Chef of Domenica.



Start Date

Program Duration



  1. Accepting enrolled students and graduates of Hospitality or Culinary diploma/degrees. Applicants must arrive in US within 1 year of graduation. For traineeship, applicants must at least have 1 year experience if they are arriving 1 year after graduation. If applicant has no diploma/degree, he/she must have at least 5 years of work experience.

$11.00 per hour

April 15, 2020

12 months