Houston Country Club

Houston Country Club

Houston, Texas, USA


The club first opened in 1908. Originally it occupied an 18-hole course southeast of downtown Houston. The country club moved to its current Tanglewood location in 1957. The former Houston Country Club was renamed the Houston Executive Club.

The City of Houston purchased the Houston Executive Club in 1972 and renamed it the Gus Wortham Golf Course. Claudia Feldman of the Houston Chronicle said that in the 1960s Tanglewood residents mainly went to Houston Country Club exclusively, and that this was an example of the community’s “clubby atmosphere”.



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  1. Accepting enrolled students and graduates of Hospitality or Culinary diploma/degrees. Applicants must arrive in US within 1 year of graduation. For traineeship, applicants must at least have 1 year experience if they are arriving 1 year after graduation. If applicant has no diploma/degree, he/she must have at least 5 years of work experience.

$12.50 per hour


12 months