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Vision International Philippines Hospitality Hiring Fair Featuring Great Wolf Lodge

Zia Kalong | Jan 28, 2019

On October 19, 2018, Vision International Philippines (VIP) hosted a recruitment event for the Great Wolf Lodge (GWL), the “largest family of indoor waterpark resort hotels in North America”. GWL’s ...

My Travel Testimony: Why You Should Do An International OJT

Zia Kalong | Dec 5, 2018

“For me, traveling is living.” That’s what J1 intern Marian Kamora Wakat has to say about her yearlong international on-the-job (OJT) experience in the United States of America. With a ...

Lemuel’s Travels: J-1 Internship Goals

Zia Kalong | Oct 26, 2018

The fact that traveling makes people happier is basically a no-brainer, but this Huffington Post article actually explained why traveling significantly lift people’s spirits like no other activity. All 11 ...

My J1 Internship: From Utah to California

Zia Kalong | Oct 15, 2018

When Kenken Gagute walked into VIP’s office, about 80% of the people in the room jumped from their seats and exclaimed, “KENKEN!” Two years ago, Kenken was just like any ...

Explore, Work, and Travel In The U.S. For Only 65K

Zia Kalong | Oct 12, 2018

It’s no secret travel does the mind and soul good, but more often than not, we’re hindered by commitments at work or school, or perhaps spending that kind of money ...

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