Filipino K-12 teachers who are seeking to expand their subject matter expertise by exploring the international educational system can undergo the 3-year program which incorporates cultural exchange and global diplomacy efforts between the U.S. and the Philippines.

Application Process

Our process is smooth and easy. We can facilitate your application and get you to your dream destination as soon as possible!



Reservation & Application

Upon receiving your proof of payment, you will be assigned a dedicated program specialist who will assist you through your application phases.



Application Screening

After depositing the application payment, we will commence the submission of your documents to your host school, so they can complete the registration process for the upcoming term.



Flyout and Experience USA

VIP has dedicated specialists to adequately prepare you before you fly out. We will conduct a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) to help participants fully understand the succeeding procedures as well as what they should expect once they arrive. The PDOS is the final step in the process before the participants head to the host country and begin their program.

What's the rate?

There is plenty to experience!

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Founded in 1998 by Lois Bullock, Energized for Excellence Academy…

Founded in 1998 by Lois Bullock, Energized for Excellence Academy…

Founded in 1998 by Lois Bullock, Energized for Excellence Academy…

Energized for Excellence welcomes students from Pre-K to Eighth Grade…

Spectrum Center offers a comprehensive educational program for school-age students…

Founded in 1998 by Lois Bullock, Energized for Excellence Academy…

Michelle Dalit

I would say that of the whole experience, I enjoy the training the most because we’re learning so much. But getting to know other trainees of different nationalities has been really fun too!

Au Pair:
Iris Kay Policarpio

My experience here is so memorable! I have a very kind and supportive host family and very sweet host children. I am so happy to be here and right now, we are in their vacation house in Tahoe Donner, which is about 5hrs drive from San Francisco. I really feel that I am part of their family.

Jefferson Navas

Math Teacher, Arizona, USA
The program is amazing. I am learning about the traditions and cultures of India, Germany, Korea, and of course America because of my co-teachers (from around th world)
The program gave me a good opportunity to know the educational system and student body here in the US and I am happy to experience being part of their culture with my co-teachers, students and administrators. I feel positive and glad to be part of this program.

Work and Travel:
Gillian Melgar

Room Attendant Intern, Meritage Resorts and Spa, California
The work and travel program is perfect for anyone who loves adventure and learning. I myself joined the program because I wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge and visit and wineries of Napa Valley and Sonoma!
I'm just a curious student and a wanderer who wanted to spend her summer break in a productive way.

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